Never compete with someone
who has nothing to lose.


Shahrazad (Taraneh Alidousti) is a medical student and Farhad (Mostafa Zamani) is a literature student and journalist. They fall in love and want to get married together. The story has described in 1953 when Dr. Mossadegh was the prime minister of Iran. Iranian bureaucrat Bozorg Agha is the head of a very powerful mafia syndicate who had a strong role in the coup d’état against Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh’s government on 18 August 1953. During this time, Farhad gets arrested and sentenced to death…

Shahab HosseiniActor

Born: February 3rd 1974 in Tehran, Iran

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Ali NasirianActor

Born: February 4th 1935 in Tehran, Iran

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Parinaz IzadyarActor

Born: August 30th 1985 in Babol, Iran

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Taraneh AlidoostiActor

Born: January 12th 1984 in Tehran, Iran

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And then I think that maybe
I was designed to be alone.


Ali Nasirian, Taraneh Alidousti, Shahab Hosseini, Mostafa Zamani, Parinaz Izadyar, Mehdi Soltani, Ghazal Shakeri, Mahmoud Pakniyat, Abolfazl PourArab, Parviz Fallahipour, Houman Barghnavard, Gelareh Abbasi, Jamshid Hashempour, Fariba Motekhases, Soheila Razavi, Mona Ahmadi, Nasim Adabi, Amirhossein Rostami, Mina Vahid, Pantea Panahiha, Ramin Nasernasir, Amirhossein Fathi, Jamshid Gorgin, Mehran Nael, Farshid Samadipour, Parviz Bozorgi, Mohammad Yeganeh, Nahid Moslemi, Saghi Zinati, Nahal Dashti, Manouchehr Zendehdel, Hadi Ghomeyshi

When all is said and done,
grief is the price we pay for love.


Producer: Mohammad Emami | Producer: Tasvir Gostar Pasargad

Hasan Fathi


Naghmeh Samini


Amir Tavassoli